Indoor Foosball Foosball

Play Foosball and relive your college days. Use the power bar to crack in goals and Enjoy spinning the rods in this speedy table top quasi-soccer and quasi-football game.

Midas pavilion

Reshuffle your luck, play the games of cards The Corinthians way. Bridge, Rummy Poker and many more fun games played frequently on our tables create the right ambience for fun with family and friends.

Games Table Tennis

Easy to play but difficult to master. Table Tennis transcends age, gender, and ethnic differences. Play Ping-pong and show your skills at our exclusive indoor TT-room which is designed with tables for competitive matches with your friends.

Pool Table

A game that requires mental agility and physical adeptness. Hang out and chill at the Pool Table and make a statement with the stroke of a stick.

Indoor Dart Dart Games

Eye the target, Play the dart!

Indoor Carom Carom

Relive your childhood with an exciting game of Carom. Let your whole family unwind from the monotony of routine, Get engrossed in the thrill of taking the queen away!

Board Games

Take pleasure in playing the Board Games at Corinthians as players practice diplomacy, make and break alliances, develop vendettas and pull off hustles. Flaunt the “intellectual you” while you enjoy the Board games.


Play alone or play with friends. Billiards, an all-time classic game that requires precision and passion. Be a master of angles and speed. Make your best shot and show what you’ve got!


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges

Fiction, thriller, classics, and many more genres to feed on. Catch up with your reading in our cosy library Stocked with all the latest newspapers, periodicals and books, this is the ideal place to curl up on a quiet afternoon over a warm beverage.

Power Yoga Power Yoga

Enroll for Yoga classes and discover the practical science of physical, mental, emotional, physiological and spiritual growth.
Prepare to work hard in a vigorous, fitness-based approach to Vinyasa-Style yoga under expert guidance.